Sunday, March 25, 2012

decorating: bathroom essentials

one of the nice things about our house is having my own sink
i now have jurisdiction of some counter space and a little shelf that holds all my bathroom essentials
personal and true to my habits
they include:
a glass: this is a constant reminder that i need to drink more water and often prompts me to chug a huge glass of H2O before bed
hair ties: easily accessible for those daily pony tails and face washing but stored in a vintage candle holder so i feel more fancy!
a ring holder: this is a beloved thrift store find that holds my favorite pair of earrings and my engagement ring. my hands are too swollen to wear it but i still like looking at it. probably not a wise choice to keep it by the sink buuuuut so far no disasters. knock on wood! good thing i know how to take apart a sink in case the inevitable occurs.
toothbrush heads: this reminds me of the episode of Sex in the City where SJP's source of happiness is sharing an electric toothbrush with Mr. Big... though i am not obsessed with sharing a toothbrush i am obsessed with clean teeth.
framed reminder: i made a vow to myself to have monthly resolutions but obviously that was a major fail. so i am taking my time making sure i master each thing i would like to accomplish before trying to move onto the next. cursing less has been the hardest but each day i wake up with the reminder to make those changes
what are some of your bathroom go-to's?

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