Thursday, March 22, 2012

evolving: realistic expectations

craig loves when i am pregnant
not only because it means that we have another little one to add to the brood
but because i am more relaxed and realistic

now i am pretty grounded to begin with
but when i am pregnant i am in full on survival mode
getting through the day with only one nap is a feat in itself

one of the things that my family enjoys more is my relaxed view of our home
beds unmade, dirty dishes in the sink, bills scattered on the bar and recycling piling in the garage doesn't really bother me as much when i have a bun in the oven

i would like to think that my house is a reflection of my values but honestly...
kyler piles things on his window sill like he is training for an episode of hoarders
nerf guns are now styled into our decor
and puppies are often found at the dinner table.

i joke around with craig how once i have the baby i'll start caring more about these things... as he rolls his eyes and walks away
but really i am settling into a home with expectations that things aren't going to be picture perfect
a little bit of the kids scattered here and there isn't going to hurt...
in fact it makes me smile :)

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