Tuesday, March 27, 2012

gardening: succulent garden

i really like flowers
fresh cut are typically my favorite
since they die and then you chuck them

keeping plants alive are not my thing
i tell craig that kids are my thing... plants are not
but my heart still aches for a little bit of green
so i decided to make a no fuss succulent garden for our living room
our side table was lacking... everything
i had some glamorific candlesticks
but obviously nothing else
so i took my green thumb to home depot
and came back with all the components to make this awesome little arrangement
one of the keys to making this look professional is varying the textures of the succulents
the sharp spikes of this one go well with the smooth round lobes of the one behind it
{ please don't make me explain more... even that was so forced }
you also want to arrange them so the height of the plants are complimentary but still eye pleasing 
i also added some rocks from our front yard for some contrast
the table still needs some finishing touches but the garden does not...its a great addition to our home!
what other kind of gardening projects am i missing out on?

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