Monday, April 30, 2012

baking: chocolate chip and sea salt cookies

like most people, i love some good ole's chocolate chip cookies
but i needed some umph on this particular pregnancy craving
so i decided to sprinkle my cookies with some sea salt
and OHHHH BOY! it was delicious
it made the cookies taste so buttery and so chocolately!
take one cup of softened butter, one cup of granulated sugar and one cup of brown sugar
cream this for about 3 minutes
add two eggs... but one at a time!
once smooth, mix in one teaspoon of vanilla
make a slurry of two teaspoons of hot water and one teaspoon of baking soda
mix your slurry and one teaspoon of salt to the batter
add three cups of flour
and as many chocolate chips as you want!
i used a whole bag
scoop your dough balls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and sprinkle with some sea salt
bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees
let your cookies cool and then enjoy...
sometimes we skip the cooling part and get right to the enjoying!
to end this post... a glamour shot of the salty sweetness!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

decorating: makeshift curtains from bed linens

the boy's room lacks window pizazz and i wanted them to have some kickin' curtains
but some of the bold and modern patterns were so overpriced!
so i picked up two queen duvet covers and some drapery rings from target
now there are many tutorials on how to make duvets into curtains which require cutting and sewing
i didn't want to cut these up...
what if i need a spiffy duvet cover one day? 
duh... i'll have two of them hanging right on the curtain rod!
simply put, i hung up a curtain rod as i normally would have and secured the duvets onto the rod using the drapery clips
overall, i think this worked out better than i had hoped!
since the 'drapes' are on clips, if aspen decides to pull on the curtains
they just fall down... he won't pull the curtain rod off the wall... like i have seen oh so many times!
i think the pattern incorporates both sides of the room since gray can be a happy medium between black and blue and this adds a great graphic touch!
it also hides kyler's windowsill hoard... 
we are still working on organizational skills!
and by not cutting the back lining off, these curtains provide a great amount of shade in an otherwise very bright room...
which is great for those afternoon naps.
Yes, we still take naps.
{ how do you think i get all this decorating done? }

Saturday, April 28, 2012

crafting: felt bunting update

once esme' is born she will be taking aspen's old nursery
i love the blue wall color but wanted to add some feminine touches
i made this simple felt banner for the wall but wanted to incorporate some girlie colors
i used a template i found online and cut some butterflies out of different colored card stock
i used complimentary straight pins to attach the butterflies to the bunting
i staggered the butterflies along the bunting and varied the position and color
a small touch of color adds a little of the feminine touch that i was looking for
not too girlie or overwhelming
i also made a butterfly mobile that is still in the works,
so stay tuned for more changes!

Friday, April 27, 2012

cooking: taco baked shells

i made some taco baked shells for dinner tonight and kyler ate more than craig and i did!
i think this qualifies as a kid friendly meal... but trust me, us big people enjoyed ourselves as well
first recruit your sous chef... mine just so happens to have a cheesey smile :)
boil your jumbo shells according to the package
brown your meat with some onion and once nearly done add your taco seasoning
once your shells are done, drain and rinse
stuff about whooping tablespoon of meat into your shells
i used a large casserole dish to hold my yummy vessels of goodness
surround your shells with some whole tomatoes
i used canned ones and just squished them up with my hands and poured some of the juice on the bottom of the dish
top with some shredded cheese and pop in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes
while that is baking, whip up a colorful and delish side salad
i used some crushed up tortilla chips as a substitute for croutons to fit our mexican styled dinner
plate, serve and devour!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

decorating: children's library wall

remember the blank wall at the foot of kyler's bed?
well i wanted to make a library for the kids so their favorite bed time stories would be close by
my inspiration was a picture i found on Pinterest
i bought some picture ledges from ikea to make this inspiration a reality
i got the longer version to make a bigger impact and to fill the blank area
i think it will add a ton of color to the room and the kids love reading before bed
so it will be perfect
i worried about the kids crawling on the shelves so i used metal anchors that would work in either the drywall or the studs
it also will hold 40 pounds! 
they are so easy to use
all you do is mark the wall and use a screwdriver to push them into the wall
for those cheap plastic ones i usually pull out my drill
not this time!
so i attached all three screws lightly and made sure the shelf was level
when all was good, i tightened them to make sure this trouble maker wouldn't pull them off the wall trying to stand
i spaced all the shelves 15 inches apart since i wanted there to be enough space for all our favorite books
i lined the whole wall from the floor to the ceiling 
here is the stash that i am working with... and as i styled the shelves, i was able to find some of our family favorites
kyler loves this one!
its about evolution and how the world changed from the big bang to the industrial revolution
its nerdy and full of science
and has tons of pop ups to keep kyler's fingers busy
aspen loves this book called bubble trouble
its about a baby who gets caught in a bubble and floats around town as people try to save him
its a real tongue twister and the baby kinda looks like aspen!
this is how it looks all stacked up and i love how the books are pieces of art
it adds a lot of color to the otherwise plain wall
i put a little stool near the bottom shelf so the kids can reach some of the higher books 
but otherwise i think the final outcome is great!
what are some ways you store books for your kids?