Friday, April 6, 2012

bargain: $15 dollar holla!

craig and i don't fight about kids, money or sex...
we fight about blankets
craig likes to burrow his head under the cover to muffle noise and sweats like a mad man under our huge down comforter
while i spend the night trying to wrestle some blanket off my husband's ear to put over my poor pregnant body
so when i found this purple blanket at goodwill, i scooped it up like it was the last tickle me elmo at christmas time!
it was the target home brand which means this sucker would have retailed for at least $89!
 but of course, i only paid $15
it was the perfect weight for craig... not too heavy but just thick enough
it was also king size which means there should be no reason we fight over it because it is large enough for our queen sized bed!
i know some people are freaked out about buying linens second hand but I have no issue with it

{ i don't think it's any worse than sleeping in a hotel... i mean who slept in it last time? and when was the last time the massive comforter was changed? WHO KNOWS! }
i clean it on a hot cycle with color safe bleach and call it good as new!
so $15 dollars later, we are sleeping happily ever after!

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