Monday, April 2, 2012

bargain: $20 dollar holla!

not only did our end table need some greenery but our walls needed some work as well
the main wall in our living room has a power and cable outlet so you can hang a flat screen tv without the wires trailing down the wall
which considering all things is a nice touch....
the only dilema is that we don't own a tv
and we most likely wouldn't put it in our living room if we did have one
so on a jaunt to goodwill, i found this gem!
it was originally $80 sold at home goods
but i got it for 20 bucks! 
that's 75% off! 
$20 is a great deal for a piece of art that is 3 feet by 3 feet
when i asked craig how much he thought i paid for it he said $100 but was fantastically relieved when i told him how much it really was... i got a couple high fives for that one!
when i was in the store i worried about it being too big for the wall
but it seems to be a great size and scale for the area
bargain momma strikes again.. bringing happiness into our home!

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