Thursday, April 5, 2012

cooking: chicken, leek and mushroom stroganoff

craig has been working like a dog lately
being on call and having to go into the hospital at midnight is no fun
so i wanted to make something new and hopefully delicious to cheer him up...
and this was it.
he walked in the door just in time for dinner and the first thing he said was, "something smells gooood!"
that's how ya know its a keeper!
wash and thinly slice the white portion of a leek
add to pan with a good dollop of butter, s&p and about half a cup of white wine
let cook down for about 5 minutes
add two chicken breasts cubed and cook until chicken is almost done
add a good handful of freshly chopped parsley, a small package of sliced portobella mushrooms and a pint of cream
let this simmer until cream reduces and chicken is cooked all the way through
serve over some of your favorite white rice and enjoy!

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