Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cooking: lobster and leek risotto

i am obsessed with watching hell's kitchen and love seeing contestants getting yelled at for raw risotto...i mean, how hard is it to tell that your rice is crunchy?
i wanted to prove myself to be hell's kitchen worthy by making a lobster, asiago and leek risotto
i had some leftover leeks from the other night's dinner and decided to waste-not
start by sauteing some thinly sliced leeks in about three tablespoons of butter
you want them soft but for them to still retain their color
add two cups of rice and brown
during this time  you should be boiling your lobster tails
you want them almost done- almost like a medium rare
since you are going to add them to the risotto at the end it will cook them all the way through
when done, let cool
you are going to slowly cook the rice
now most people use just chicken broth
but for the first simmer i used white wine and an extra dab of butter
add half a cup of white wine and let the rice cook down
you want all the liquid to evaporate each time you add your cooking liquids
every other time the risotto needed to be moistened i used chicken stock
repeat these steps until the rice is al dente'
you don't want mushy rice... gross!
i added cooking liquid about 5 times total- once with wine, 4 times with broth
once the tails are cool, cut down the tail with some scissors and scoop out the flesh with a spoon
set aside one colorful piece for each serving
{ this recipe is for 2 }
and then roughly chop the remainder of the meat
you are going to add your lobster meat during your last addition of liquid
and when the liquid is halfway gone, you are going to add your cheese
garnish with some juilenned leek and your large piece of lobster
craig never had risotto for dinner before but he practically licked his bowl clean
the risotto was fantastic... fresh, light, flavorful and cooked perfectly!
this is a recipe brought to you by emily brooker and it is chef ramsey approved!

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