Tuesday, April 24, 2012

decorating: boy's room update

aspen and kyler were in separate rooms but now that we found out we are having a girl we decided to have the boys share a room again
so i merged the furniture for a preliminary set up
i decided to paint their room white for a fresh and modern tone
i didn't want to do a theme for their room since kyler and aspen have such different interests
i had a mismatched vision of white walls and bold colors and fabrics throughout the room
kyler's trundle bed was a great way to use both jewel tones and primary colors in the room
we bought this bed knowing that aspen will be sleeping on the bottom bunk once he is in his big boy bed
what i love about a trundle bed is that it frees up floor space for the kiddos to play together
and unlike bunk beds it doesn't take up a lot of space
it is visually streamline
this is aspen's side of the bedroom
i hung up a picture kyler had drawn of our new house above aspen's crib
but am still waiting for some new pictures to hang in the other frames
this is the end corner of the bedroom near the closet that i have a project already in mind
stay tuned to see what and how it all turns out!

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