Sunday, April 29, 2012

decorating: makeshift curtains from bed linens

the boy's room lacks window pizazz and i wanted them to have some kickin' curtains
but some of the bold and modern patterns were so overpriced!
so i picked up two queen duvet covers and some drapery rings from target
now there are many tutorials on how to make duvets into curtains which require cutting and sewing
i didn't want to cut these up...
what if i need a spiffy duvet cover one day? 
duh... i'll have two of them hanging right on the curtain rod!
simply put, i hung up a curtain rod as i normally would have and secured the duvets onto the rod using the drapery clips
overall, i think this worked out better than i had hoped!
since the 'drapes' are on clips, if aspen decides to pull on the curtains
they just fall down... he won't pull the curtain rod off the wall... like i have seen oh so many times!
i think the pattern incorporates both sides of the room since gray can be a happy medium between black and blue and this adds a great graphic touch!
it also hides kyler's windowsill hoard... 
we are still working on organizational skills!
and by not cutting the back lining off, these curtains provide a great amount of shade in an otherwise very bright room...
which is great for those afternoon naps.
Yes, we still take naps.
{ how do you think i get all this decorating done? }


  1. ...and... how much did you save versus going with normal curtains??? :-)

  2. I would say I spent about the same amount I would have on regular curtains purchased from target but the modern ones such as the ones from west elm or off of etsy were WAY out of my comfortable price range!

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