Monday, April 16, 2012

family: weekend getaway

i propositioned my husband to help me clean the bathrooms this weekend
but instead we ended up packing the car and heading to the hoh rain forest for a spur of the moment getaway
it was my idea... i swear
i may not be outdoorsy as my husband but sometimes i get a hankering for some fresh air
my husband and i have taken a very similar trip before we decided to move to seattle
but this time we wanted to share everything we had seen with the kids
our first stop was at lake quinalt
it brags clear waters and snow capped mountain views
we drove along the coast and just stopped along the way 
finding random camp ground and paths to walk
while hiking in the rain forest we found fantastic greenery
we took some new trails this trip and found this great fall that you hiked along
the paths were very damp which grew these beautiful water lillies
we stopped and ate lunch at the beach
but once we actually got on the sand, kyler and i had a little freak out moment and just ran around screaming like crazy people how excited we were
aspen was strapped on as kyler and i bolted across the beach... no shakin' baby syndrome, i promise!
aspen had a fantastic time too!
i have never seen him so giddy
every time a gust of wind blew in his face, he smiled and kicked
this baby was thrilled to be at the beach!
we spent the night on a ranch with cows, sheep and even 3 peacocks!
craig was surprised i picked somewhere as rustic as this but kyler loved seeing all the animals
we even woke up the next morning to a peacock on our front porch!
the property was lined with birch trees
and had great views of the mountains!
overall, it was a great trip! i kept reminding craig that we could have spent the weekend with some toilet bowl cleaner... he was thankful for my spontaneity!
how did you spend your weekend?

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