Wednesday, April 4, 2012

gardening: container garden

i have always dreamed of having a vegetable garden
i would wear a sun hat and carry a basket on my hip as i went around pruning and picking home grown vegetables...
the only problem is that i have a penchant for killing plants
so i need to take baby steps
i am not ready for the full commitment of a back yard garden, so a container garden is my first step to home grown summer salads
i found this huge galvanized metal pail at ikea for 10 bones a piece! a bargain compared to target and craft stores
use a hammer and a nail to poke drainage holes in the bottom
pour one large bag of gardening soil into the pail
this was a great way to involve the boys... since boys love dirt!
aspen was in charge of guarding the plants
kyler and i went to home depot in a rainstorm so as we bombarded the outdoor shelves stacked with  plants and basically picked up one of everything
but mainly came home with tomatoes, peas, strawberries and some fresh herbs
craig has talked about loving eating fresh grown peas from his mother's garden when he was a little 
boy... so kyler insisted we get some peas for daddy.
how sweet and sentimental he is!
since we only had two pails we decided to plant the peas and tomatoes first
and then added a plant support to hold all the weight of our vegs
we placed out gardens on the back porch in a bright sunny spot!

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