Wednesday, April 18, 2012

makeover: front porch- phase 2

the misconception about buying a new house is that everything is pristine.
the wood work around our front door was really beat to hell
and this was just one of many spots that needed to be fixed!
i purchased some plastic wood which i found at home depot
it will fill the honkin' gouges in the wood work and dry as hard as... WOOD!
i purchased it in white since that is the color of our trim
plastic wood has a very funky texture... it kinds reminds me of marshmallow spread
but with a very chemically smell
i used this very sophisticated tool to scoop out the filler 
the key to repairing the edges of wood that has been damaged is to over fill the area
notice how this looks chunky? not very sexy but it will be once you sand it down
i bought 3M sanding blocks
sand paper will work but can cause uneven edges since it is hard to keep the paper perfectly flat
 the blocks are better since it will follow the existing plane of the trim
see what i mean?
i used a medium grit block to get away the big chunks and then an extra fine block to fine tune all the little bumps
it looks so much better!
here's a reminder of what it looked like before
and after!
while i was out there, i also sanded the front door and all the surrounding trim
i wanted to start prepping the area for a fresh coat of paint
stay tuned!

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