Sunday, June 24, 2012

cooking: shrimp and feta bake

being a stay at home mother, you would think i spend hours in the kitchen, right?
i love a one dish dinner just like everyone else!
craig also appreciates my fondness for efficient use of pans in the kitchen since he is the one who does the dishes
 saute red onion and garlic in some olive oil
 once browned, add a large can of diced tomatoes
 season heavily with oregano, basil and parlsey
 don't forget the salt and pepper!
 i added some artichokes because i like to scam as many vegetables in a dish as possible
 simmer till heated through
 add your shrimp to the pan
i like to use jumbo ones especially if you have to peel them
it makes the work worthwhile
 bake at 350 degree until the shrimp are cooked through
 sprinkle some feta on top,
 serve with some sliced bread
and dig in!

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