Wednesday, June 27, 2012

crafting: crocheting esme's baby blanket

i learned to crochet when i was 6 years old
my mother would sit on the couch and i would play around with a ball of yarn in a hot mess and try to make something resemble a scarf...
well i decided to pick up the good ole' needle and make baby #3 a blanket
this pregnancy has been keeping me off my feet more so than my others
so crocheting and watching stupid TV has been a godsend
i decided i wanted it to have some granny appeal so i chose a chunky knit yarn
 and it so happens to be named "mimosa" which is just another reminder that i can't drink at brunch
i love that this blanket has a plethora of colors mixed together- purples, peaches, corals, pinks
it's girlie but not so over the top that craig would be embarrassed to carry it around!
i think craig is more embarrassed that his wife has grandma like tendencies... but for the sake of crafting and cuteness, i'm OK with it!

if you want to learn how to single crochet like i am for this blanket Annie's is a great resource for beginners!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is truly a great way for me to start croche. =)



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