Thursday, July 26, 2012

baking: peach gallette

nothing beats fresh peaches
i wanted to make a light and simple summery dessert
 wash and slice 3 peaches
 add three tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of flour and one teaspoon of vanilla extract
 lightly mix all together
 grease a pie pan
 roll out your pie crust into the pan
i used pillsbury pie crust
did i mention i wanted this to be painless and simple?
 layer your peaches in the center
 add a couple dollops of butter
 accordian fold the excess pie crust around the peach center
 here's a closer look
 whisk one egg
 wash the crust with your egg and sprinkle with some sugar
 bake at 450 degree for 25 minutes
let cool and stand before removing from your pie pan 
 the crust browned wonderfully
 and the filling was delicious!
 hope this satisfies your summer cravings!

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