Wednesday, July 25, 2012

cooking: beer can chicken

i had planned to make beer can chicken, also known as beer butt chicken, and was hoping there would be a spare can of miller in the fridge in the garage
but when i went to check this afternoon... there was none!
my husband and i don't drink so it wasn't something worth running to the store for,
so my beer can chicken is now pop can chicken
the purpose of the can of beer is to supply the bird with a good source of liquid for a moist and tender meat as it cooks
so start with your bird
mine was a buy 1 get 1 free deal at our local grocer
rinse your chick and clean out the guts and giblets
you won't need those nasty bits
 decide what drink you will use
since we are part-tay animals... i decided to use a sprite
chug half of your beverage and avoid driving if necessary
 season your bird with some butter and spices
i used salt, pepper and rosemary
 place your can in the center of a roasting pan
 then position your bird on top
its a tight fit but should make a good base for your bird
use the legs as a tripod to stand and balance your bird if needed
 carefully place in the oven at 350 degree for about an hour and a half
if using a thermometer, the internal temperature should read 175 degree when cooked
 here is our beaut an hour later
 and this is her all DONE!
 get why it's called beer butt chicken?
 here's a booty shot
 i served my chicken with some green beans sauteed with bacon and onions 
 and called it a night!
hope you enjoy this as much as we all did!

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