Thursday, July 19, 2012

cooking: salt roasted salmon with fennel mint relish

i'm still in the process of using all the fresh herbs we have grown in the garden
and i am still on a mint spree
i made a sweet peach and peppermint milkshake the other day but i wanted to make something savory
so this evening i made a salt roasted salmon with a mint and fennel relish on top
it's a really easy process and is quite delicious!
 for the roasting, you will need a box of kosher salt, bay leaves, pepper and a lemon
 pour your box of salt into a large bowl and add water to make a crusty paste
it should not be runny but more like the consistency of wet sand used to make a castle
 line the bottom of a casserole or roasting pan with a layer of the salt mixture
 season with pepper and bay leaves
 place your whole fish onto the bed
 season the inside of your fish with the pepper, bay leaves and slices of lemon
 cover the fish with another layer of salt
it should be completely cover on all sides
cook at 400 degree for about 25 minutes
 for the relish, small dice some fennel
 gather some fresh mint... yum!
 add fennel fronds, red onion and chunks of kalmata olives
 season with salt, pepper and mint
 toss with red wine vinegar and olive oil
set aside
 when the fish is done the salt casing should be hardened
 and should look something like this
 crack open the casing and remove the fish onto a clean cookie sheet
 using a spoon be sure to clean off all the excess salt from the skin
 filet the fish and begin plating
 i served the salmon with a side of quinoa
 all the flavors melded great
 the crisp fennel with the salty olives complimented the fresh mint
 the salt roast gave the fish a moist and flavorful tang
overall, it was a great success!

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