Thursday, July 19, 2012

decorating: new art

its hard to find large scale artwork for prices that are not in the hundreds 
but fortunately Ross has had some really nice pieces that fit well with our decor
AND craig actually likes them!
he doesn't appreciate abstract art like i do so in his mind, the clearer the picture the better
this one i found for our bedroom which hides the tv wiring on a wall that is to your left as you enter the bedroom
the door to the right leads into the master bathroom
obviously i am still lost on what to do with that table
the pic has great earth tones to it and even incorporates purple which is obviously great news for our tufted duvet cover
the sides of the piece are covered in burlap and have a gold nail head trim
it kinda elevates the standard wrapped canvas into something more fancy-full!
 the cityscape i was drawn to for our foyer since it was masculine, heavy on the browns and black and had a young modern vibe
i figured it would be a great piece to segway into our living area and otherwise covers an awkwardly placed wall between a coat closet and a guest bathroom
the foyer is pretty dim so i am thinking of a picture light above it would highlight it well
i also added a small rack for the kids shoes since it had the same metal and wood detailing as an adjacent bookshelf
{ more on that to come! }
what are your great sources for large artwork on the cheap?

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