Saturday, July 14, 2012

gardening: pallet planter

my sister in law has a garage full of pallets since she gets tons of things delivered to her house for work
so in the spirit of resourcefulness, i asked her for a couple to see what kinda projects i could come up with
i wanted to use the slats as a base for tiny pots and use the space as a planter
 i used the excess paint from our front porch makeover
 recruited my handy helper
 and painted the pallet a complimentary color to our home
 no paint chips were eaten during this process, but a clean paint roller was sacrificed to the cause
 i used some plumbing clamps
 and twine
 and positioned the clamps onto the pallet
 i secured the clamp with a double knot and hid it on the back of the boards
 we used some terra cotta pots which we painted a dark brown 
 and then planted our flowers!
 we arranged the flowers randomly on all the slats
 look at those beauts! i'm a sucker for colorful flowers!
 this is a great project for apartment dwellers or urban gardeners
and this could easily be adjusted to hold fresh herbs!
 we placed our new planter new the front porch for some more added impact
and couldn't be happier!

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