Friday, July 13, 2012

makeover: front porch- complete!

with family on its way, i knew i had to get our front porch in tip top shape
unfortunately i was in no mood to get my pregnant butt in gear
i took a DIY'ers cop out and hired somebody to paint the door
i'm not going to make excuses...i procrastinated on this project for a looooong time
and the day before 10 people were going to stay with us, i had someone come and paint the door
i've had better timing. this is not one of those moments. 
i used the accent color on the front of our house and it was a time consuming project to even figure out what the color was
apparently contractors and builders are in no hurry to answer emails or voicemails no matter how much of a stalker you are 
i added my stick on house numbers and meticulously spaced them on the middle panel of the door
 even though you can't see the numbers from the street up close it adds that little bit of homey detail
i added two planters onto the steps leading up to the front door which adds a welcoming effect as well
and added new flowers to the side of the door!
i love the combination of purple and peach... so fresh and light! 
so here is a before:
and here's the after:
even though i consider this a much needed upgrade, i am thinking a cool door knocker and a wreath is in our future, but for now i think my front porch is pretty dreamy!

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