Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

hey everyone,
i hope you have been enjoying the halloween festivities as much as we have!
tonight i am taking the kids trick or treating and i can't wait to see aspen's reaction.
he is going to love having a bag full of candy!
in case you haven't read up lately here are some helpful tips for halloween health and safety
enjoy the free loot and be sure to save some for the kids!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

quick tip: cleaning loofahs

loofahs cost $1.24
and even though they are cheap enough to replace i chose to clean them instead because it is so darn simple!
 use some bleach
 and chuck your loofahs into the wash cycle with some whites
 let air dry because you don't want these in the dryer
{ um... high heat + plastic = a hot mess }
you're all done! clean with minimal effort!

Monday, October 29, 2012

beauty: topsy pony do'

when i was growing up, my neighborhood friend ashley beat leukemia
she went through some really hard times as a child and as she eloquently put it, 'even during the roughest of times beauty can be found'
such an inspiration!
well ashley lost all her hair from chemo... but i don't remember ashley bald
i remember her having the best hair on the block
 she had a secret weapon...
the one and only topsy tail!
ashley had the cutest ponytails growing up and boy was i jealous!
look at all those {dated} hairstyles
man, i miss the 90's
 this hairstyle not only reminds me of how gorgeous ashley's hair was but also of all the wonderful childhood memories we had together
so this is what my hair looks like in the morning
i shower at night and let it air dry
{ and yes, aspen is brushing his teeth in the background as i am doing my hair }
 so to create this look all you need is a comb and small hair ties
 section your hair off at the crown using your comb and tie into a pony
 now you are going to topsy your tail only without the tool
{ aspen is trying to figure out an escape route... fortunately there is only a toilet behind that door }
 split your section of hair in half by creating a hole in the center with your finger
 now shove your tail through the open section
 now you have a topsy tail... but you aren't done!
 section another ponytail below your first 
 and secure both of them together with another hair tie
 repeat the process for a topsy tail
 and repeat all the previous steps 
until you have a head full of topsy tails!
 here is a side view
my hair is so straight and because the topsy is at the end, my pony became a side pony
added bonus!
 i love how this hairstyle brings out the my newly added color
and i love how this reminds me of the most beautiful survivor i know!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

cooking: carrot soup with cumin and honey

one of my biggest pet peeves is canned soup
maybe it's because campbells discontinued their garden medley soup which just so happened to be one of my cravings while i was pregnant with aspen
now nothing tastes as good... unless its home made
on this particular fall evening i made cumin and carrot soup with a tad bit of honey
 large dice a small white onion
 cut 2 pounds of carrots into 1 inch pieces
i don't peel my carrots because i don't like monotonous punishment so i just make sure to wash and scrub them REAL good
 soften your onion in a large stock pot with some olive oil
 add you carrots
 and cook with the lid on for 10 minutes
 add 4 cups of broth
you can use chicken or veg
organic was on sale this week.. WORD!
 bring to a boil and then let your vegs simmer until the carrots are soft
 now you're going to bring on the flavor!
 season with cumin, cayenne pepper and salt
be sure to taste as you season
i added a bit too much cumin to my liking because i was too heavy handed
using an immersion blender, puree away!
 add a swirl of honey and adjust to your liking

garnish with some carrot peel
 and slurp this soup on up!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

cleaning: makeup brushes

you wash your face daily... sometimes twice but how often do you clean your makeup brushes?
this maybe the one thing we neglect but your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria
your brushes accumulate old makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, debris and oils which can attribute to even more problems especially if you have sensitive skin
quality brushes aren't cheap. they are an investment
 by cleaning them at least weekly you can prolong their life
my brushes are 5 years old and still going strong
follow these quick and easy steps and  your brushes will stay just as gorgeous as you!

 you want to use a mild soap
i use either baby shampoo or castile soap 
today i chose castile
 start with w little squirt in the palm of your hand
 swirl your wet brush into the soap for about 1 minute
 you should see all the makeup leech from the brush
 run your brush under lukewarm water and dab the excess makeup from the bristles
 continue to do this until the water runs clear
 lightly squeeze your brush
don't man handle the thing... be gentle!
 lay it on a clean towel making sure the bristles are point at a slight downward angle
this will prevent water from pooling into the base of the bristles which will loosen the adhesive keeping your bristles intact with the handle
 fluff your brushes as they dry so they maintain their shape and softness
repeat the same process with all your brushes
make sure your brushes are dry before using them
i usually do this at night time so then my brushes are dry by morning!