Tuesday, October 23, 2012

beauty: tickled pink hair

random intro: this post makes me look like a narcissistic but i promise i am not
there is a whole lot of me up in here and its a little too much of my face all over the place for comfort
but this post is about the hair
so i blame my sporadic change of hair on a quarter life crisis and feeling like an ordinary soccer mom- which i am by the way and i fly that flag proudly!
on a whim i decided that my virgin hair needed some spunk
so i popped its cherry and it ended up pink!
now i have never dyed my hair before and from what i have heard the ombre technique is difficult but i promise you it is NOT
even virgins don't need a lot of experience to fake something as good as this!
 so i started by reading up on how-to's and came across this great tutorial by L'ing the L
she gave me the base of that i needed and i knew that a trip to sally's would answer all the remaining questions i had
luckily when i went to the store, there was a sales girl with a whole head of pink hair
she was my golden ticket to perfection!
she suggested manic panic for the pink and hooked me up with all the tools i needed for the bleaching process  
i had to bleach my hair twice
because my hair is so dark it needed two treatments with 40% peroxide to strip it down
it maybe hard to tell on these photos since my bathroom lighting is horrible and those photos were taken with my cell but my hair was pretty close to a honey blonde
i saturated the ends of my hair each time and fanned the bleach upwards using my dye brush
i didn't want the colored part to be above my ears because i still wanted the majority of my hair to remain its natural color
once i stripped my hair i waited three days before applying the pink
i wanted to condition my hair really well and not wash it for a couple days before applying another treatment 
 i dyed my hair twice with the manic panic to get the color i was really looking for.
since my hair is on the darker side, i needed to choose a deeper jewel toned pink.
pastels won't work on my hair but eventually as the dye fades it will become a more muted pink.
in retrospect, i wish i would have done a better photo tutorial but i didn't think this was going to work out as well as it did
both craig and i were expecting an emergency trip to the hair dresser the next day but were pleasantly surprised!
we both agree that my hair now looks best when curled and looks ridiculous when in a pony tail
but overall i am tickled pink by my new locks.
stayed tuned for more dying adventures because lately i have been feeling a little bit blue!

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