Monday, October 29, 2012

beauty: topsy pony do'

when i was growing up, my neighborhood friend ashley beat leukemia
she went through some really hard times as a child and as she eloquently put it, 'even during the roughest of times beauty can be found'
such an inspiration!
well ashley lost all her hair from chemo... but i don't remember ashley bald
i remember her having the best hair on the block
 she had a secret weapon...
the one and only topsy tail!
ashley had the cutest ponytails growing up and boy was i jealous!
look at all those {dated} hairstyles
man, i miss the 90's
 this hairstyle not only reminds me of how gorgeous ashley's hair was but also of all the wonderful childhood memories we had together
so this is what my hair looks like in the morning
i shower at night and let it air dry
{ and yes, aspen is brushing his teeth in the background as i am doing my hair }
 so to create this look all you need is a comb and small hair ties
 section your hair off at the crown using your comb and tie into a pony
 now you are going to topsy your tail only without the tool
{ aspen is trying to figure out an escape route... fortunately there is only a toilet behind that door }
 split your section of hair in half by creating a hole in the center with your finger
 now shove your tail through the open section
 now you have a topsy tail... but you aren't done!
 section another ponytail below your first 
 and secure both of them together with another hair tie
 repeat the process for a topsy tail
 and repeat all the previous steps 
until you have a head full of topsy tails!
 here is a side view
my hair is so straight and because the topsy is at the end, my pony became a side pony
added bonus!
 i love how this hairstyle brings out the my newly added color
and i love how this reminds me of the most beautiful survivor i know!

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