Saturday, October 13, 2012

celebrating: 1 year anniversary of blogging

one year ago, i started Heart, Home and Hunger
i struggled adjusting to being a stay at home mom and needed an outlet to share my little victories
whether it was putting dinner on the table or hanging a curtain rod...
i needed to feel there was a purpose to my day
so today i am going to share some of the most popular posts to date!

most fashionable:
this was the most clicked on fashion post this past year
 best rip off:
wanna be pottery barn coloring table
with two simple things you can turn any table into a kid friendly coloring table
most crafty:
this may have been the most clicked on craft because i illegally linked this post to boards and forums on baby center. thanks to those who clicked!
best attempt at being asian:
korean japchae was surprisingly the most popular cooking post
it was one of my first attempts at cooking korean food
when i proudly showed my mother pictures of my stew, she told me my food was ugly. hahaha
ugly but popular!
best when baked:
5 minute espresso cake was my tribute to the 5 minute cake in a cup
fortunately it only took 1 minute to devour it
best ikea hack:
DIY world map was my solution to lack of storage in our apartment
functional and funky
most needing review:
thirsties diapers was our way of saying, "thank you, earth"
surprisingly people wanted to hear me rant about poop disasters and laundry
best decorating project:
the children's library wall was a pinterest inspiration come reality
not all that gets pinned gets wasted
well, that about sums it up
a year went by so quickly and i hope the upcoming is just as eventful!

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