Saturday, October 27, 2012

cleaning: makeup brushes

you wash your face daily... sometimes twice but how often do you clean your makeup brushes?
this maybe the one thing we neglect but your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria
your brushes accumulate old makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, debris and oils which can attribute to even more problems especially if you have sensitive skin
quality brushes aren't cheap. they are an investment
 by cleaning them at least weekly you can prolong their life
my brushes are 5 years old and still going strong
follow these quick and easy steps and  your brushes will stay just as gorgeous as you!

 you want to use a mild soap
i use either baby shampoo or castile soap 
today i chose castile
 start with w little squirt in the palm of your hand
 swirl your wet brush into the soap for about 1 minute
 you should see all the makeup leech from the brush
 run your brush under lukewarm water and dab the excess makeup from the bristles
 continue to do this until the water runs clear
 lightly squeeze your brush
don't man handle the thing... be gentle!
 lay it on a clean towel making sure the bristles are point at a slight downward angle
this will prevent water from pooling into the base of the bristles which will loosen the adhesive keeping your bristles intact with the handle
 fluff your brushes as they dry so they maintain their shape and softness
repeat the same process with all your brushes
make sure your brushes are dry before using them
i usually do this at night time so then my brushes are dry by morning!

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