Tuesday, October 9, 2012

cooking: roasted beet and orange salad

now that i had the baby, i am slowly trying to convince myself to eat salads as a snack
i admit to raiding the pantry in the middle of the night but i know that needs to stop
so to help ease my way into healthier options, i made my favorite salad!
feta cheese is surprisingly a great way to mix in some tang with the sweet oranges and the earthy beets
Take your beets and give them a good scrubbin'
Remember... beets will stain anything so be careful. I always wear a red t-shirt when cutting and handling beets! My dish towels are not as fortunate!
Large dice your beets
Season your beets with fresh thyme
and sage
Squeeze some fresh orange juice on the seasoned beets 
and add some rind as well!
don't forget the salt and pepper and pop these bad boys in the oven at 400 degrees 
cook until tender
make a simple dressing with olive oil, salt and pepper and freshly squeezed orange juice
segment your oranges for the salad
prep your greens and sprinkle with some feta cheese
let your beets cool before assembling your salad
drizzle with your dressing and enjoy!

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