Monday, October 15, 2012

cooking: shrimp scampi

since shrimp thaw and cook so quickly, this is a simple weeknight dinner
in your wok, melt 1 stick of butter
(that is not a typo. 1 stick. this is not for the faint of heart)
 while your gob of butter is melting, wash and slice your bell peppers
 add 1 diced shallot into your butter
 season with pepper
 chop some fresh parsley
 add your peppers to the wok to soften
 begin cooking your noodles according to the package directions
 add your shrimp and toss
 strain your pasta
 add your parsley to the wok
 and your cooked pasta
 mix everything together
 serve when shrimp are done
  and garnish with some cheese

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