Sunday, October 14, 2012

cooking: taco pie

craig said this recipe needed a disclaimer so i promised to include one
WARNING: this recipe is not healthy for you in any way. it is not the most attractive looking meal either but it is damn delicious!
this is one of the meals my mom used to make us and as i passed the doritos in the chip aisle,
i decided i NEEDED to have this for dinner
take a roll of pillsbury crescent rolls and line the bottom of a pie pan
add a layer of shredded cheese
brown some ground beef with some onions and add taco seasoning
layer your meat in your pie pan
smear a layer of sour cream
take your anger out on a bag of doritos and crush them
use as a crumb topping
bake at 350 until the crescent roll bottom is cooked all the way through
it takes about 25 minutes
slice and serve with some lettuce and tomatoes
it helped me justify how terrible this meal is for you by serving it with some fresh greens

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