Tuesday, October 16, 2012

d.i.y- busy board for toddlers

we call aspen our 'trouble maker'
he is constantly busy and getting into things
he loves to watch the things we do and mimic everything
he has a very curious and observant personality and it is one of the things i love about him most
i wanted to make him a busy board full of things he can manipulate and play with
he is at the age where he needs to practice fine motor skills and this board is a great way for him to have fun and explore at the same time!
start by going to home depot or lowes and deciding what you want on your board
i wanted to add a handle so we could easily carry it up and down the stairs
fiddle around with all the displays they have and see what can work on your piece of wood
 i decided to use birch and had them cut the piece in quarters
be sure to sand down the edges so no one gets splinters
 arrange your hardware on the board to see how you like the layout
i had some extra hooks and curtain hangers that i found in my tool box that i added at the end
 assemble your hardware to your wood board 
 and try to contain your excitement... because i know this project is SUPER EXCITING!
 make sure all the pieces are secure and that you are using screws that will not go through the other side of the wood board
 then you are finished!
 my favorite is the door stops... i mean, what kid doesn't like the glorious sound of a vibrating door stop?
 let your kid explore!
 you can also incorporate some toys you already have into the board
like hanging rope from the hooks or any other toy
let your imagination run wild!

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