Sunday, October 21, 2012

d.i.y: mess free play-doh balls

the inventor of play-doh was a man
how do i know this? 
because most men don't clean the house and they sure as heck don't clean up play-doh disasters
so i was on a mission to indulge my kids with some squishy fun without the mess 
 i had some leftover party balloons that i was going to use to encase the play-doh
 ideally a funnel would have been really useful but i had a bottle cap
minus the nipple part 
 i stretched the balloon around the cap 
 and shoved the play-doh inside
now you want to make sure that all the dough is at the bottom of the balloon and that none gets stuck in the neck portion of the balloon
 if you don't do this then you will get little pimply blisters of dough when you tie the knot
which aspen so gratefully pointed out to me
also make sure you squeeze all the air out of the balloon before tying or you will get a blown up balloon with a knob of clay rolling around
 here is your finished product!
 and here is a confused toddler who had no idea what to do with them!
kyler took his in the shower with him 
and afterwards he showed aspen that you can use them to 'cook' with
these remind me of stress balls but they hold their shape much better and are more moldable
kyler wanted me to take a picture of his 'dinner'
 so enjoy your leek and lettuce cupcakes and your mess free play-doh balls!


  1. only your children would know what a leek is ;)

  2. hahaha we call them 'fancy green onion' at our house!


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