Friday, October 19, 2012

d.i.y- washable bath time paints

a friend, mandie, bought her kids bath crayons but her husband got a hold of them before the kids did
inspired by her story, i wanted to make crayons.. but in reading how-to, it involved soap flakes
i don't do soap flakes.
i tried to make liquid hand soap once and i was left with a gallon of 'soap' resembling a mucusy booger
nope. i'll pass.

i wanted the kids to have something fun for the bath
so while my husband was at work and right after aspen had an explosive diaper, i decided to make some super simple bath tub paints!
all you need is some liquid bath soap, washable paints, brushes, small containers and some q-tips
squirt some soap in your small cups
add a dollop of paint
i went easy on the paint because i wanted to test out the wash ability of these paints 
mix well
check in with your supervisor to make sure you are on task
repeat until you have an array of colors
we have a built in ledge on our tub so this was the perfect resting place for the paints
it didn't take aspen long to get a hang of what 'painting' really meant
eventually aspen spilled the paints all in the tub
but since the majority of the paint is body soap i didn't worry about it
the paints wiped easily off the tub with a wash cloth and water and there was no staining or residue which was perfect
when it was time to get out... aspen was not happy :(
but then we started talking about puppies.
oh... how easy they are to make happy... bath paints and puppies!

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