Friday, October 26, 2012

fashion friday: werk' it momma

ok i admit it.
i am in a mom rut and i NEED to get out!
i have succumbed to the pj pants and pony tail closet staples for TOO LONG!
i am going to make fridays focused on fashion so i do my hair, makeup and wear reasonably stylish clothing at least once a week.
i am hoping this will be a catalyst for getting ready everyday... but i need to take one step at a time.
one of the problems i have is finding clothing that fits my busy lifestyle.
i need separates that are still reasonable to wear while chasing a toddler, wiping boogers and nursing a two month old with one arm and cooking dinner with the other because that is sometimes how it goes down!
 today i was running errands with the babies and had to take kyler to tae kwon do later in the evening.
while kyler was practicing his round house kicks, i took the babies to this great water front park that has amazing views, a little beach and a fun little playground.

yellow lace shirt: the loft, boyfriend jeans: the loft
 michael kors purse: marshalls, tricolor wedges: naturalizer outlet
i decided on the loose fit boyfriend jeans with an ultra feminine lace top
the bright neon yellow was an instant love affair since most lace is a neutral color... i saw this top and knew i had to have it!
since i just had esme' two months ago, i can't wear a lot of form fitting things which is fine because the sausage look is not a good one and i need a little room to breathe and run around.
the boyfriend jeans are great just for that- a bit baggy, a modern wash and comfortable enough for all day wear!
watch: michael kors, jade bracelet: gift from kyler's grandmother
 ivory bangle: wet seal, necklace: ann taylor
my accessories are usually always the same since my watch and purse are staples.

my phone dies at least once everyday which is why i need a watch and apparently a car charger.
the mammoth purse is a must because i need tons of room for sippy cups and snacks, since i refuse to carry a diaper bag.
i change the kids diapers from my trunk where i keep a basket of diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and extra clothes. if i carried a bag just for everything the kids need, i would be hauling around a 20 pound suitcase everywhere!
 overall i would say this outfit was a success. i was comfortable, chic and felt like myself B.C.
{ before child }
my threads were playground friendly and even worked with my leather jacket once it got cool outside
aspen had a great time in the swing and i looked pretty good pushing him...
not bad for my first fashion friday!

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