Saturday, October 20, 2012

how to: arrange flowers like a pro

one of my many guilty pleasures is fresh cut flowers
you can make a bargain bouquet look like a million bucks with a fancy vase and a little bit of time
start by prepping your flowers and vase so they last longer
{ in case you haven't read how to do that previously }
 to arrange the flowers in your vase you will need scissors and some tape
we had some left over medical tape in the junk drawer so that is what i ended up using
 cut the pieces the diameter of your vase
 cut your tape into thin strips
 assemble a grid on the top of your vase
 cut the over hanging pieces of tape off so they are all the same length around
 begin by placing one stem per square
 fill in with the rest of your flowers
 make sure the tape is covered by fuller flowers that are in bloom
 tweek the flowers so your arrangement looks and feels balance
place in your favorite spot and enjoy!

this post is dedicated to my mother who passed away from breast cancer when i was 6 years old
i purchased these flowers since they supported susan g komen find a cure
october is national breast cancer awareness month, please support a great cause and donate today!

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