Saturday, October 20, 2012

yes, dad... i am asian. korean to be exact.

when i was growing up, i didn't always like being asian. 
i wanted creased eyelids and curly hair
one day my dad gave it to me straight up!
he said, "Emily, you are a white girl trapped in an asian's body. get over it."
and he was right... i was raised in a middle class family, went to private school my whole life, attended church every sunday and even grew up in a town called whitehall
 ironic, huh?
now as an adult, the one thing i can always count on is my dad pointing out all the references to asians
first it started with this:
thank you starbursts. now because i married a white man and i have children... my dad will always refer to them as a contradiction. awesome.
and now its this:
yes, its a great song to work out to. it's not great when your dad asks if i am going to teach my kids to dance like him... gangham style.
i love my dad and his fun loving personality
he can rag on me all he wants but i know its because he cares
my father helped me realize that i was different and that it was OK
i never eat a starburst or listen to this song without thinking of my dad 
hearing his hearty laugh on the other side of the phone is worth all his ridiculous comments
so yes, dad, i am asian and it's cool now!

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