Friday, November 30, 2012

sewing: easy baby bonnet

we are heading to hawaii for our winter getaway and i couldn't be more excited for a family vacation!
one problem having procreated with the whitest man on earth, is having very pale sun sensitive children
so to prevent the hawaii rays from burning esme', i decided to make her a bonnet to help shade her little head
easy sew baby bonnet
i love her profile! look at those chubby cheeks!
easy sew baby bonnet
i chose a dusty rose fabric for the outside for a vintage feel and then added a polka dot lining for the inside
easy sew baby bonnet
i read some tutorials but i wanted my bonnet to have a little more detail on the back
so i created a pattern that featured a twisted knot on the back
easy sew baby bonnet
i added some gray grosgrain ribbon and used a detailed stitch on my machine to secure it close to the brim
easy sew baby bonnet
she looks adorable and love this old school classic with a modern twist
easy sew baby bonnet
counting down the days to see some hawaii sunshine!
if you want the pattern for this bonnet, email me and i'll send it your way!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

cooking: spicy pork tenderloin with carrot ginger maple puree

i didn't do a formal tutorial on this meal
craig was on call and i was at home with all three ninos, do ya blame me?
anyways, this is a spiced rubbed pork tenderloin that i seared in olive oil and then cooked through in the oven at 350 degrees
 the spice rub was a combination of season salt, cayenne, red pepper flakes and onion powder
the pork is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degree
i added some diced white onions to the oven safe pan as i was searing the pork and used them to garnish the pork at the end with the juices
for the carrot puree, i boiled carrots and ginger and once soft, blended them with some of the leftover stock
i added a good amount of salt and maple syrup
taste to your liking
smear some carrot on the bottom of the plate and slice and fan out your pork
add your onions and chow down!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

quick tip: cleaning baseboards

although craig never notices small details like cleaning the baseboards, it does get done
and one of the easiest ways to clean that grime is to use dryer sheets
they attract the dust and dirt like a magnet
and if you buy them in bulk like i do... then you have plenty on hand!
 shazam! clean baseboards!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

d.i.y: advent calendar

as a child i loved having an advent calendar
it was really exciting to open that perforated window and find that piece of chocolate... unfortunately i had to take turns eating the candy with with my 2 brothers. so sometimes i was just shit outta luck.
{ i know sharing is caring ect ect... but as a kid... it sucked. }
kinda like so:
{ is it obvious that i LOVE the movie Bad Santa? }
so i decided to make my kids an advent calendar to share where NO one gets the shaft

here is my rendition of this holiday favorite
i had some leftover wood from the busy board i made for aspen and decided to use it for the calendar

i stained the wood and hammered in 24 nails for the little loot bags
i numbered each nail from 1-24 using a white paint pen

i sewed 24 small bags using some leftover fabric and used some yarn to secure the bags onto the nails
i filled the bags with hershey kisses or tiny candy canes- 1 for aspen and 1 for kyler-
and a small print out of a bible verse which will tell the christmas story
the version i used can be found here

i am really excited to share this with the kids as christmas approaches and can't wait to read to them the little verse as they chow on their candy
i think it will be a great way for them to learn the true meaning of christmas and will give them something to look forward to each morning

making this customizable was a great idea for us since we can use it as a count down for other occasions as well such as days till a birthday, family vacation or anything really to get the kids pumped up
since i didn't use a very christmas theme, we can pull this out any time of the year!
did you have an advent calendar growing up? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

fashion: transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt!

so here is the story of a perfectly good long sleeve shirt.
i like the pattern, its basically brand new but i don't wear it.
why you ask? 
i bought it while i was post-partum and it doesn't particularly fit as nicely as it once did.
thank you weight loss!
so instead of relying on my ninja sewing skills, i wanted to re-purpose it into a skirt instead
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
so here's how:
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
 first step into your shirt
mine is v-neck but don't worry it won't look weird like that in the end
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
 hike the back of the shirt up over the booty so it's smooth looking
you want to avoid butt lumps especially if you don't have any!
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
 take the sleeves and tie them in a knot in the front
you could get fancy and tie them in a bow too!
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
now you are going to take the edges and tuck them under the sleeves which now makes it look like a belt or sash
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
 fiddle with the fabric till it looks right to you 
transforming a long sleeve shirt into a skirt
now get dressed with your new skirt and accessorize as needed!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

cooking with thanksgiving leftovers: fall stuffed acorn squash

like most people, the week after thanksgiving is all about eating leftovers
so tonight, i wanted to make a brand new dish out of the things we had hanging around the house
it wasn't necessarily leftovers but you could easily replicate this with what you would find in your fridge
my mother in law moved and gave us two acorn squash from her fridge
i have never had one before but have seen them used as a vessel for stuffing before on a cooking show
 so i cracked them open
 emptied them out 
 and seasoned them with salt and pepper
 and smeared them with some olive oil
 i placed them in a roasting pan 
and filled the pan half way with water
roast the squash at 450 degrees until them are almost tender to the fork
 while the squash are cooking prep your stuffing
we didn't have any leftover but we did have extra bread, so i decided to make stuffing all over again
don't do this if you have leftovers.. make it easy for yourself!
i used diced onion and fennel
and sautéed them in a dutch oven with some salt, pepper, olive oil, rosemary and some fennel fronds

 i chunked my leftover bread and let if harden
 and chopped up some leftover turkey meat
 i added my turkey to the dutch oven once the vegs were soft
you are just heating up the turkey at this point
 add the veg mixture to your bread
i had some dried cranberries and added those bad boys
 and then used veg stock to adhere the stuffing
 i took my squash from the oven and filled them on up
and put them back in at 350 degree until the stuffing was warmed and crisp
pull from the oven and plate
now you have thanksgiving dinner in an acorn squash
it was delish and felt like a whole new meal.
this was a very hearty surprisingly since most of it is squash but it was great and everyone seemed to enjoy it!