Sunday, November 25, 2012

cooking: persimmon and raspberry sorbet

it's persimmon season!
and even though i have never used them before sorbet is the perfect catalyst for this unknown fruit that is supposed to taste of honey!
to start, chunk 3 large persimmons
 set aside
 puree a large carton of raspberries
 add your persimmon puree
 and some honey to sweeten
taste as you add
you don't want it too sweet!
 start up that ice cream maker
 dump in the puree
 and let it go to work!
 garnish with a fresh raspberry and something green to break it up!
the texture of this is smooth like a gelato but seedy and textured like a granita
i think this is a great intermezzo since it is fresh and light
but we aren't fancy like that so we ate it for snack!

{ similar recipe: the wind attack }

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