Wednesday, November 7, 2012

crafting: faux metal letters

metal letters are all the rage but damn do they have a hefty price tag!
$34 for each letter... um no thanks
so for this hack you need some large cardboard letters that you can find at joannes or michaels
i bought the humongo ones so they ended up being $8 each- $32 total for R-E-A-D
i wanted to place the letter on this blank vertical space near the boy's library wall
 anyhoot, spray paint your letters
i wanted them black with a silver patina but you could do dark brown with a teal aging on it to make it look like worn copper or any other combination you like
google images to decide what combo or look you want
 i used mettalic craft paint and two dry brushes to add the distressed look
 i also had some left over black paint on hand in case i was too heavy handed with the silver and need to add it into the mix
 start by dabbing the mettalic paint on the corners and edges
 and use your dry brushes to fan out the paint
 follow the natural lines of the letter since you don't want any weird brush strokes showing
 repeat the same steps to all your letters
 when complete, let them dry
 since i just painted the boy's room, i used command strips to hang the letters... 
 only the letters were too big for the area!
{ insert favourite curse word here ______! }
 i placed the R on the ceiling and stepped back trying to convince myself it looked OKAY
it looked like horrible, so i knew some rearranging had to be done
these two large prints had to be moved
 coincidentally papa and aspen were reading while i was yelling at myself for being so stupid
{ craig was all teary eyed as he was reading 'love you forever' to aspen... i married a sap! }
 the letters are now above kyler's bed
 while the chi-chi and the ABC's { according to ikea } are now above aspen's crib
 finally things came together and overall i am really happy with the results!
our happy accident turned out great...
 as did our cheap-as-dirt faux metal letters!


  1. I love the look of these faux metal letters and they would cost so much to buy. They also seem to be fairly simple to make. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Amy! The letters were so cheap compared to ones on Anthropologie or or high end stores. I even got them when they were on sale- $1 off each letter!


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