Sunday, November 4, 2012

crafting: no sew celtic knot headband

one of my favorite things for esme' to wear is headbands
she has thin wispy hair so she can't do hair bows or ponytails yet
but headbands, she can rock
i found this great tutorial for celtic knot headbands by love stitched and knew this would be perfect for esme'
start with old t-shirts
i got some from goodwill for 99 cents since i wanted to use certain colors
{ i was already outfit scheming for esme' as i was invisioning this home made headbands }
cut the bottom portion of the t off- from armpit to armpit
cut four strips making sure they are the same width
the skinnier they are the thinner the knot will appear
while thicker strips will give a more hefty appearance
i wanted to make the knot huge so i cut four strips, love stitched's tutorial only has you use two strips
this is where free reign and adjustments will give you exactly what you are looking for
so you have two strips on the left side and two strips on the right
4 total
position the strips on the right like so
lay the strips on the left on top of your overlapped strips
take the strips on the top left and place them underneath the top right strips
now take the strips on the left bottom and bring them upwards so they are now pass through the loop
bring the strips on the left top through the loop
and underneath the center piece
like so. re-look at the images if you are confused. it took me a bit to realize what i was doing as well!
now pull your ends so your knot tightens
like so! 
measure the length of your child's head and cut your headband to size
glue the ends together and to finish it off,
wrap and glue a smaller piece of fabric around the glued ends.
this headband is great and compliments her troll like hair!

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