Tuesday, November 20, 2012

custom order for riley!

i just finished a pillow case dress for a friend's daughter and can't wait to get it out to her!
jen and i agreed on abstract floral paired well with a muted teal quatrefoil 
 the ruffle hem is the most detailed and time consuming aspect of the dress but well worth it!
 we did a side bow again but this time i made the strap thicker so it would be heaftier
 lined armholes again... gosh, am i proud of my handiwork
even craig said the dress looked professional... i might have to agree!
and a little hair bow to match!
not bad for only the second time making a girl's dress and i have to say it was a lot easier than the first
i made a lot of sewing changes to the seams so they were more finished and less raw looking
what do you think?

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