Sunday, November 11, 2012

d.i.y: ABC rocks for literacy skills

while planting our garden, craig and i realized that our backyard is filled with rocks
we would dig a hole and pul out piles of these small round rocks. i call them dinosaur eggs.
...meanwhile, kyler is learning how to read at a magnificent pace! the kid reads better than i do.
so we try to find new ways to make sight words and reading fun.
rock problem + kyler's love for reading = ABC rocks
 so gather your troops
{ this one forgot his pants... oops }
 and start gathering your rocks.
cool thing about this... rocks are FREE!
 we collected enough for a set of capital letters and lower case letters
 bleach the rocks and let them sit
i let them disinfect for 2 hours
 rinse them off and let them dry
 then use a black paint pen or a sharpie to write your letters
 when i came downstairs the next morning, i went to grab the dishes to put in the dishwasher and noticed kyler already got a hold of the rocks and knew what to do with them! he's so smart!
 ky gets a sheet of sight words every week for homework so this is a great way for him to learn not only the words but to learn how to recall the sounds and spell the words as well
i also like to have kyler use the rocks to make other rhyming words... he was baffled when i showed him 'told' and 'hold' were almost the same!
ain't that something!
 i can also see them being used for younger children- matching the capital letter with the lower case, sorting them in order from A-Z
these could easily be used for math too if numbers were used instead of letters!
this is a great way to involve some manipulation into reading skills and a really easy and free way to bring more tools into the classroom or your home in this case.
kyler has a very busy body and if he has something to fiddle with them it helps him focus.
there are tons of different ways to incorporate this into your child's abilities and i hope you find these as useful as we do!

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