Tuesday, November 27, 2012

d.i.y: advent calendar

as a child i loved having an advent calendar
it was really exciting to open that perforated window and find that piece of chocolate... unfortunately i had to take turns eating the candy with with my 2 brothers. so sometimes i was just shit outta luck.
{ i know sharing is caring ect ect... but as a kid... it sucked. }
kinda like so:
{ is it obvious that i LOVE the movie Bad Santa? }
so i decided to make my kids an advent calendar to share where NO one gets the shaft

here is my rendition of this holiday favorite
i had some leftover wood from the busy board i made for aspen and decided to use it for the calendar

i stained the wood and hammered in 24 nails for the little loot bags
i numbered each nail from 1-24 using a white paint pen

i sewed 24 small bags using some leftover fabric and used some yarn to secure the bags onto the nails
i filled the bags with hershey kisses or tiny candy canes- 1 for aspen and 1 for kyler-
and a small print out of a bible verse which will tell the christmas story
the version i used can be found here

i am really excited to share this with the kids as christmas approaches and can't wait to read to them the little verse as they chow on their candy
i think it will be a great way for them to learn the true meaning of christmas and will give them something to look forward to each morning

making this customizable was a great idea for us since we can use it as a count down for other occasions as well such as days till a birthday, family vacation or anything really to get the kids pumped up
since i didn't use a very christmas theme, we can pull this out any time of the year!
did you have an advent calendar growing up? 

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