Sunday, November 18, 2012

d.i.y: grosgrain ribbon and washer necklace

i purchased a multipack of grosgrain ribbon to make hair bows for esme'
but instead i wanted to make myself a necklace
i purchased a pack of 25 washers and spray painted them gold
you can keep them the original color but i wanted to add a little bit more glam factor into the necklace
 i decided to use the gray ribbon since the gold would be a great compliment  
 to begin the necklace thread a washer through the ribbon
make sure you pull it through to the end of the necklace
you are going to work with just one end of the ribbon and the first placed washer is where the washers will begin on the necklace
 thread another washer through
 you are going to take the ribbon and thread it back through the first washer
 pull it taut and it should look like this flattened out
 now pull the ribbon through the opening in the second washer so the ribbon is coming through the top opening
 thread another washer through the ribbon
 and again thread the ribbon back through the second washer
 you are going to repeat these steps 
 this is what the side view of the threaded washers look like
 make sure you singe the edges of the ribbon with a lighter since you secure the necklace with a bow in the back 
this was a super simple project and can't wait to find ways to incorporate my necklace into my wardrobe
what do you think?
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  1. Interesting feature! A beginner will enjoy this.


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