Saturday, November 3, 2012

how to: clean and store your bras

supportive and always there for you... your bra takes care of you so why not learn the proper ways to care for them!
like cleaning your makeup brushes you need to use a mild soap
you want to avoid using harsh detergents or bleach since that will destroy the fabric and elasticity of your lingerie
my choice is either baby shampoo or castile soup
i chose to use baby shampoo
the average american woman wears 6 bras and how often you wash them is often under debate
it is recommended to wash them every two days which makes sense if you wear 6 of them
here is my beloved nursing bra
since esme' is a messy eater my bras don't stay clean for up to two days but i have enough of these to get me to the next laundry day
fill your sink up with a bit of soap and water
agitate the water so you get some bubblies
dunk your bra into the water and swish it around
rinse the soap out of the bra
and gently squeeze the water out
do not wring out your bra because that will stretch out the material
hang your bra up to air dry

what about bras with under wires?
you do the same thing!
swish, rinse and squeeze out
before you hang your bra though you want to make sure you smooth out the cups
you don't want the bra to dry with wrinkles in the cup
your boobs will look deformed
for under wires you can dry on a towel with the cups facing up
or you can hang them to dry too!
i place a folded hand towel under the bras so it wicks up the drips
now if you are nursing mother and have three kids, you probably don't have time to hand wash your bras everyday... because who does?
you can use the wash machine but make sure you secure the clasps to prevent snags and place your bras into a mesh lingerie bag
chuck your lingerie bag into the washer on the delicate cycle
and once the bras are done hang them up to dry
it may be tempting to use the dry but resist!
to store your bras you want to keep both cups intact
you don't want to fold one into the other
this will destroy the shape of the cups and may give you lopsided looking boobs
remember that even with great care your bras should be replaced every 6-9 months
the shape and elastics stretches out with time
so go and take care of your bras as they take care of you!

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