Friday, November 16, 2012

how to: clean your top loading wash machine

here she is. the work horse of our household. she is abused day in and day out.
time to treat her to a spa day by giving her a good ole' cleaning.
sounds kinda moronic to be cleaning a machine that.. cleans, but there is a reminder button right on the dang thing! so no i am not hitting the pipe again... its real. wash machines need to be cleaned.
i mean... look at this and how embarrassingly gross we are. 
and water marks... not the end of the world but those need to go too!
so first start with two common household products- bleach and vinegar
fill your washer tub with a quart of bleach and put on hot water setting
let the tub fill with water and pause the cycle so the water sits for an hour
while the bleach is working its magice take a cleaning spray to the detergent compartments and other crevices
once the hour is up, run through the rest of the cycle and repeat with the vinegar
fill the tub with a quart of vinegar and hot water and then let it rest for an hour
i chose the power wash setting because it sounded HARD CORE
clean those water marks
 and be sure to take the rims off the softener and detergent spouts... to get a real good clean

then clean the top of the machine as well since dust, stains can occur there as well
and remember to keep your wash machine lid open between loads of laundry, this will prevent the mildew smell since it allows your machine time to dry out between wash sessions!

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