Saturday, November 10, 2012

how to: cook crispy bacon in the microwave

we LOVE bacon but i HATE pan frying it
grease splatters all over the place- the oven, the walls, the floor... its gross
so i microwave it to save time- because who has time to stand next to a frying pan trying to cook 3 pieces at a time? Uh... not me.
we like it crispy so i have perfected the art and here is how:
 you will need a microwave safe bowl and plate
make sure the plate's diameter is wider than that of the bowl
 drape your bacon around the edge of the bowl like so
 this is why you want to make sure your plate is larger
you want the ends of the bacon on the plate so the grease drips down onto the plate
not inside your microwave
  mike your bacon for roughly 10 minutes
if you want it crisper go longer 
our mike is brand new so it doesn't take long for this baby to cook things through
just make sure to check in on it every once in awhile
 your bacon will shrivel up and the grease will be in the bowl and on the plate
personally, its easier for me to clean the inside of the mike than it is for me to clean the whole kitchen
 so its a win-win situation!
let bacon degrease and eat it on up!
{ similiar tutorials: wikiHow,, start cooking }

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