Thursday, November 8, 2012

how to: paint your door like a pro

while i had hopes of painting our front door for its much needed makeover, i took the easy way out and hired someone- i blamed pregnancy and the arrival of 10 house guests
this time... i needed to get the inside done without professional help but with the professional look
so here is how it is done:
remove all your hardware and prep your door
lightly sand it so the paint will adhere and wipe up all the loose dust 
 tape off the door frame
i didn't tape the right side of the door frame since i opened it while i was painting to avoid contact with the frame
 since we have four panels on the door, you start by using a brush and cutting into the recessed part
 be careful to avoid drips especially in these areas
since you want to use a high gloss interior paint, you have little time to work with the paint to smooth out smudges and drips
 do this to all the panels
 using a foam roller, roll the inside portion of the panels evenly
 once all the inside panels are done, you want to roll the inside portion
 first vertically
 then horizontally
 to complete the door you paint the outside rectangle
 then it dry for at least two hours and then repeats for a second coat
add your finishing touches are you are done!
craig was scared how bright the yellow was but i think it ties in well with our city scape painting
and the otherwise neutral accents 
 we have 6 doors in our tiny foyer, it's nice to have our front door as the center piece
here's the BEFORE 
and the AFTER!
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