Saturday, November 24, 2012

my adventures with flat stanley

in high school, i met one of my best friends the first day of freshman year
mike was sitting in front of me and couldn't figure out how to open his combination lock
having helped him, we chatted each other up and from there our friendship began
we sat next to each other every class we had together because most teachers sat you alphabetically.
as freshman year continued we eventually learned that my brother took his sister to prom
and 3 years later so did mike and i. 
{ of course, i asked him and he waited for better options... but in the end knew i was the best bet he had }
as we both went to college, we did our best to keep in touch and years later
i grew out my hair and had kids
and mike also grew out his hair and a sick beard and moved to florida
well recently, mike asked me to help out his niece with a project at school
they read the book 'flat stanley' which is about a boy who gets smooshed by a bulletin board 
his parents put him in an envelope and flat stanley begins a life of travelling and adventures
it's really an interactive literacy project and what you are supposed to do is go around your area with stanley and take pictures with him and explain your adventures
flat stanley came from florida where mike lives and recently arrived in renton where i live
renton is a burb' about 30 minutes south of down town seattle
we don't have too many noteworthy things but we do have
the jimi henderix memorial at greenwood park
not to many people know that seattle is where jimi henderix is originally from
so when he passed suddenly in london, his father exercised all his resources to have him buried on the family plot here in renton
visitors bring flowers, light candles and even kiss the images of the artist
hence all the lipstick stains on the murals
even stanley was moved and gave jimi a big ole's smooch
{ don't worry he was just wearing chapstick }
this site has a great history and is a wonderful tribute to this very talented musician
next, stanley went to gene culon memorial park
{ apparently the PNW has a thing for memorial parks}
this is where boeing is located. boeing was founded in seattle in 1916
they are one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers and the third largest aerospace and denfense contractor
those are commercial air planes being built behind us
stanley was trying to be all B.A. and climb the fence
but i reminded him it was private property and that i didn't have enough money for bail
so instead we went for a walk along lake washington
and played at the nearby park
having taken him around renton, i wanted to show him briefly down town seattle
so we hopped in the car and headed out
i taped stanley onto the window so he could take in all the views while i was driving
as we headed down town, i wanted to drive by some of the main attractions and stop by them another day 
first we went to pike place market
and since we were driving i stopped the car right in the middle of the intersection to get this picture
as you can imagine people were upset and pointing angrily at me
{ and they weren't using their index finger if you know what i mean }
we also stopped in from of the experience music project museum aka the EMP
it's a museum dedicated to music, sci-fi and pop culture
if mike ever came to seattle for a visit i would take him here
he would LOVE it!
the EMP is in the backyard of the Space Needle
but for the best view of the Space Needle we went to Kerry Park
here you can see the city, the water and the mountains
a lot of people come here for pictures and to snuggle with their loved ones
aspen felt particularly lovey and gave stanley some big ole' wet kisses
stan the man tried to get fresh with esme'... but i caught him just before he was going in for the smooch
{ just who does he think he is? }
luckily kyler took stanley before i got a hold of him for a photo op in front of the city
we had a great day with stanley and even though people stared at me like i was some nut bag taking pictures with a paper man, i am glad i got to give him a quick tour of seattle
stay tuned for more adventures with flat stanley!

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