Monday, November 5, 2012

reading: 50 things every young gentleman should know

one of the things i worried about when i was a single mother was how was i going to raise kyler to be a gentleman. i don't know about cumber bunts, bow ties or suspenders... how was i going to do this?
so true to my nerdy form, i searched for a book.
it starts with the basics and then develops into more specific topics such as using a napkin and shining your shoes.
i am reading this book so i can get a glimpse into what is expected of being a gentleman
though i would love for kyler to read this when he is older, i find it really useful as a parent.
it gives good examples of why you should be doing something which will come in handy when my automatic response is, "because i told you to"
what i love about this book that it doesn't address specific things according to their interests- whether they are book worms, super star athletes or the emo art kid... this book addresses manners and behaviours that all boys should be following regardless personality or temperament. 
now that craig is around, he is a great role model but at the same time... i feel that too many times we get caught up in 'the-now' and don't pay tribute to the old school classics.
this book brings me back to a time when etiquette was essential not optional.
i hope i can pass down the majority of these teachings to my sons but until then we are going to keep working at #49.

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