Tuesday, November 13, 2012

reading: walter the farting dog

 this is obviously a less serious read but still highly entertaining
walter the farting dog is about a dog...
that farts. 
 he farts so much they try to change his diet but when dad is fed up with walters farting he tells the kids he has to go back to the pound.
walter decides that he isn't going to fart any more even though it hurts him so much.
one evening, robbers break into the house.
they tie walter's mouth shut but thats not what they should be worrying about.
walter cracks one off and the robbers make a run for it!
 walter saves the day!
 the family ends up keeping walter and they live happily ever after!
 this book may not be for everybody but it had kyler and me cracking up.
maybe it's because we still thinking farting is funny and laugh at each other all the time when it happens
because lets be real... it happens.
it may be my sick sense of humour, 
but at least i know that a million other people find this just as amusing too!
{ thank you aunt lu for sharing this gem of a book with me and the kids! }

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